Serial Killer Reviews.


Photo Credit: Spartanburg Co Sheriff’s Office.

South Carolina sex offender and suspected serial killer Todd Kohlhepp (45) stands accuse of kidnapping  Kala Brown (30) whom he kept chained by the neck and ankles inside a metal storage shed for two months in his isolated rural property, allegedly after shooting the woman’s boyfriend Charlie Carver and burying his body nearby. The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office has become aware of at least a dozen Amazon product reviews left by a person with the name of ‘me’ who apparently has been link to an account belonging to Todd Kohlhepp, as of this writing these post are secondary to the investigation according to the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office.

Some of the suspected chilling reviews are listed below:


Image Credit: New York Daily News.


Plus this one:


Image Credit: New York Daily News.


Kohlhepp has confessed to several killings and has been link to the killing of at least seven people.

‘Don’t forget to remember the victims.’~ Verge Le Noir.

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