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The following narrative reads like a high-stakes Hollywood script, except their ain’t no happy ending to this one (at least for now) as all parties involved landed in prison.

Mysterious, sultry, narcissistic, and seemingly rich; heiress, actress, singer, model Lisette Lee is the perfect example of a person with a bummed moral compass. She claimed to be the granddaughter of Samsung founder Byung-Chul Lee—claim which Samsung denies—however there’s no denying that this princess had a very generous benefactor because she had the Hollywood lifestyle down to a tee including the little Chihuahua doggie as fashion accessory. According to her, she was living the dream, dating big movie stars. The Hollywood elite welcomed her, she was even dating a ‘sommelier to the stars’ by the name of Christian Navarro.

Speculation abounds as to her origins, supposedly she was the product of a relationship between a Korean woman (Corrine Lee) and a Japanese casino investor (Yoshi Morita ) in the Far East ‘casino investor’ is short code for criminal, plus the union of a Korean and Japanese national is considered taboo out there. A big no-no apparently. Reports indicate that her biological father (Yoshi Morita) may have been her benefactor all along, but of course that wasn’t enough for Lisette Lee who got involved in an operation smuggling pot from California to Ohio, in huge quantities.

David Garrett a low level drug dealer and Lisette’s new lover told her that through a supplier in Arizona, he could buy weed at $500 a pound which he could then sell for at least $1,000 a pound( a 100% profit ) if only he could find a way to smuggle the stuff  into Ohio. Lisette jumped quickly into action forming a team of minions whom she’d dubbed ‘Team LL’ which included a big Samoan bodyguard, the doorman of her building, and her lovely personal assistant. She chartered Gulfstream jet liners which carried her big suitcases full of marihuana they always used small airports to avoid detection, and just in case someone was to asks what all them suitcases were about? She had a story for that too; just say that we’re filming a music video or that a famous movie star is moving to Ohio.

Between 2009 and 2010 she made 14 trips into Ohio, she netted a huge chunk of change ($3 million in profit) but you know what they say about wings made of wax. The law came a-knocking when on June 14 2010 at Lane Aviation near Port Columbus, Lisette Lee and her cohorts were arrested upon landing with 506 pounds of wacky tabacky stuffed into 13 big-ass suitcases, according to Rolling Stone magazine she was quoted as saying.

“What am I gonna wear in prison?”

This type of crime carries a minimum sentence of ten years, a maximum of life in prison. Lisette was facing forty years, but on a bargain plea deal she was allowed a reduction on her minimum sentence to—get this—six years.

As of this writing and according to LA weekly Lisette Lee sits in a halfway house in Long Beach; she is expected to be freed from custody on September of 2015.

America loves a good crime story, I’m sure a movie about her exploits is probably coming down the pike starting a starlet du jour. Her Twitter account is still up, understandably not active and is where I got the picture you see above. As of this writing she’s got 6,670 followers (More than me*sob*)  Her Facebook—if it is in fact hers—is also up, again no postings on it, and as of this writing. (notice the zip code she be pimping)With 5,656 likes, again more than—oh forget it.

Update:  Lisette Lee was born in Seoul South Korea, her real name is Ji Yeun Lee, and she was adopted by a martial arts instructor and his wife. She is indeed the product of a liaison between a Korean woman and a Japanese man. She never went to Harvard University like she’d always claimed. She’s not a member of the Samsung family, and apparently she has been release from prison. Her ex-friend/ personal assistant is the lovely actress Meili Cady, who recently published a book about her bizarre trip and she also has a website

Don’t forget to remember the victims—Verge Le Noir.

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