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The T-A-L-O-S Principle.

A first person’s perspective puzzler, a thinker’s game to boot as it forces you to use your grey matter in order to solve the puzzles laid before you by using elements like blocks, signal jammers, laser connections, motion-recording devices, and turrets.

You’re an android placed in the ruins of beautifully rendered ancient cities such as Greece, and Egypt, on occasion the booming voice of Elohim tells you that you’ll gain everlasting life if you finish all the puzzles. He creates a sense of forbidden mystery around a big central tower, and suggest the entire world around you is a sham.

In order to solve the puzzles you must collect Sigils which are essentially Tetris-style tetrominos blocks to unlock new zones, and new gadgets to use with the puzzles, and eventually that mysterious tower. Once a full set of Sigils are collected, you line them up, much as you would in Tetris, at various interface panels before key doors.

Lots of Aha! Moments in this game, with cool challenges and satisfying endings, want an even bigger challenge? Look for the stars in the game and good luck with those orbiting explosive globes.

Give it a swirl.

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