Snowcalipse Post One

Snowcalipse came down hard and mercilessly over NYC, black ice will soon follow. Cabin fever is at an all-time high. In the coming weeks I will be posting reviews of some of the stuff I did while indoors for close to forty eight hours.


So far I’ve managed to keep my webpage politics free, because I hate politics. But yeah, Snowcalipse has nothing on the Oscars when it comes to whiteness, which brings me to the best movie I saw this year (In all fairness, I saw it on Saturday but the movie came out in 2015) the movie is a small indie flick call Tangerine.

Shot entirely with iPhone 5S smartphones, the film is a triumph of cinema’s capacity to capture the human condition using whatever means necessary. Don’t let the medium used to film this work turn you off, I didn’t even know it was shot that way until I started doing research for this post and I was very impress because the movie looks amazing. There are some dynamically shot scenes that left me wondering how they did it. Now I know, and so do you.

Here’s the gist of the film:

It takes place on Christmas Eve, and it follows Sin-Dee (played by Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (played by Mya Taylor) they’re searching for Sin-Dee’s pimp/boyfriend/fiancée. A pimp who broke Sin-Dee’s heart. They search for him through a landscape of lascivious pleasure seekers involved in all manners of sins of the flesh – all among the neon hued and piss stained sidewalks of Tinsel town.

Quote from the film:

Alexandra: “You didn’t have to Chris Brown the bitch.”

Unlike the Oscars, give this film a chance, because no matter who you are or where you stand politically, you’ll fall in love with these characters, characters that’ll move you, and make you laugh along the way. This film is to be celebrated, not only because it brings a bright shade of reality to transgender issues, but also because of the inventive nature it brings to the filmmaking medium.

A bittersweet humanistic story about friendship on the fringes of society.

Currently streaming on Netflix.

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