Mr. Blue-Book Review.


Mr. Blue: Memoirs of a Renegade.

By Edward Bunker.

I don’t know what happened to this book along the way, but it had a busload of typos, at least my Kindle copy did. I don’t mind the occasional typo here and there. I read a lot, so I come across typos and misspelled words all the time, it’s no biggie but, being a writer myself I know for a fact that this was not what the author intended,  maybe this happened in the formatting process? Still, you would think that an editor would’ve given it a second look or something. Hey! we all make mistakes. Onward…

With an IQ of 152, a broken home, and a penchant for trouble; career criminal Edward Bunker, aged seventeen, became the youngest inmate in San Quentin where he wrote his first novel No Beast So Fierce. Go read it now, I’ll wait…

Gutsy, gritty and hard-hitting memoirs don’t get any better than this. This ain’t a Hollywood, slash, Rock Star memoir written by a ‘ghost writer’ this is the author, taking pen to paper and telling his life story in the most straightforward way possible, he even warns us, about things and events being a little out of whack because He didn’t intend to write about it, and it’s the way he remembers what he went through, and boy-howdy did he go through a violent meat grinder. He offers an unflinching look at the often violent, and brutal realities of prison life while dropping his unique insight into what drives people to commit crimes; be it social hypocrisy, ignorance, drugs or mental problems, a crappy education system or a fallible justice system. It’s a miracle that Mr. Bunker didn’t become a sociopath, in the true sense of the word, like a serial killer, or worse (is there something worse than a serial killer?) I’m no shrink but I think that his salvation was due in great part to luck, a keen intellect, and his love for the written word. Mr. Bunker went on to become a prolific writer and actor. The Mr. Blue of the book title refers to the name of the character he played in the innovative Quentin Tarantino flick Reservoir Dogs.

‘A lotus definitely grows from the mud.’

Edward Bunker, born December 31, 1933; died July 19, 2005, R. I. P Mr. Bunker. R. I. P.

5 out of 5

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