Money Shot-Book Review.

This is the second book I’ve read from publisher Hard Case Crime. The first was a Michael Crichton number by the name of ‘Odds On’ (writing under the pen name of John Lange) which, sadly I didn’t enjoy (paid $11.95 plus tax for a paperback copy of that fucker at Barnes & Noble. I feel like a sucker.) Look—I don’t know about you—but I like a page turner and that book wasn’t—undaunted I made myself check another tome from the Hard Case Crime oeuvre since I kind of like their throwback covers, because in the PC world we live in these days; some of those covers are a breath of fresh smog.

Money Shot by Christa Faust is by far my favorite book and cover, I mean look at it! Let me tell you why I liked this story.

MoneyShotRevenge and retribution thy name is Angel Dare.

Gina Moretti a. k. a. Angel Dare is an ex porn star who’s been left for dead in the trunk of a Honda Civic—a fucking Honda Civic, why? Because of some missing money she knows nothing about. So with the help of ex-cop/bodyguard Lalo Molloy (he’s a MexMick; his mother’s Mexican, his dad’s Irish) they embark on a dark and violent journey in search of the responsible party. And thus author Christa Faust rewrites the femme fatale as a feminist porn star pulpy action hero.

Side Note:

The only cringe-worthy moment was when the Author made the mistake (which—believe it or not—lots of writers make) of instead of calling it a magazine she calls it a clip. I hate when that happens, but hey! it happens.  Check the image below to see the difference.

Dark, gritty and at times downright nasty (just the way me likes) yet witty, fast-pace and ballsy with lots of action. I couldn’t put it down.

Five out of Five Bullet holes baby.

Next up Angel Dare makes a comeback in ‘Choke Hold.’ Can’t wait to get my hands on that one (hey see what I did there?)


I’m not a book reviewer, so don’t ask me to review your book-sorry, I don’t do that.

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