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Put on that beaten up fedora and blood-stained London Fog. Pull that bourbon filled flack, and get your nicotine snacks ready because today I have not one-but two pulpy reviews for you. Because sometimes a bit ‘o pulp is just what the doctor ordered. Here we go.

Machines of easy virtueMachine of Easy Virtue by Jack Price.

A futuristic neo-noir; think ‘I Robot’ meets ‘The Big Sleep’ with a dash of ‘Blade Runner’ It reads like a classic, pulpy detective story, albeit set in the borderline dystopian world of the late 21st century where robots do most of the work and humans are on drugs (including the protagonist private dick Red Bourbon) it seems a though all humans are scraping by while the rich kids are proud owners of designer genes (not the denim type)

It’s safe to say that I’ve never read anything like this. A mashed –up of genres. The druggie gumshoe, meets the knock-out babe who hires him to solve the murder of her father. The book may not be for everyone; however it is an interesting take on the old detective mystery. It has the classic detective tropes plus cool gadgets, sex bots, and an unnerving future.

I stumbled upon this book as a Kindle freebie. It’s a surprisingly good read.

4 out of 4


Blood on the minkBlood on the Mink by Robert Silverberg.

Delving into the Hard Case Crime archives I found this little gem originally published in 1962 by a pulp author who was primarily a Sci-Fi writer.

A Philadelphia set caper full of sex, violence, and triple crosses.

Nick aka Vic Lowney is a chameleonic federal agent whose job is to switch places and impersonate a California operative in order to take down a Philly outfit who specializes in forging money or ‘Queer’ (apparently is what it was called back in the day) Things quickly get out of control as other greedy hoods contact Nick to get their dirty paws on the forgery plates.

Crackling cool dialog, gun battles, and femme fatales, all neatly wrap in a short novel which includes an afterword and two short stories; ‘Dangerous Doll’ and ‘One Night of   Violence’ all written by the author.

A fast paced entertaining read. With twist galore.

5 out of 5

I’m not a book reviewer, so don’t ask me to review your book-sorry, I don’t do that.


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