Literary Tune Time.

Picture this: A young whipper snapper becomes enthralled by a video of four guys, inside an abandoned building. All wearing black (a fashion taste later adopted by the young man, much to his mother’s disdain, which still persist to this day) The four men in black, are armed with musical instruments, Marshall amps stacked in the back, and a killer double-bass drum kit. These four men dive into a song…

The song has been inspired by the novel Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, which is about a horribly maimed World War I soldier. A specific passage that inspired this song is:

“How could a man lose as much of himself as I have and still live? When a man buys a lottery ticket you never expect him to win because it’s a million to one shot. But if he does win, you’ll believe it because one in a million still leaves one. If I’d read about a guy like me in the paper I wouldn’t believe it, cos it’s a million to one. But a million to ONE always leaves one. I’d never expect it to happen to me because the odds of it happening are a million to one. But a million to one always leaves one. One.”

The young man’s face melts, his worldview changes, as this is not a mere three chord punk tune. This is a different monster. So now, on a Sunday summer day, that’s hotter than high school love, this now, young-ish man decided to post the ‘jamming version’ of the song (as it is his favorite-no frills version) for all to enjoy. So enjoy One by Metallica. Crank it Up!

A note for Warner Bros. and Lars Ulrich:

As you can see I’ve been a huge Metallica fan (still are) I guess what I’m trying to say is: Don’t sue me for posting your music video on my site bro. Thanks.



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