Jukebox-Book Review


51CK3idTEbL__AC_SY220_jukeboxTitle: Jukebox

Author: Saira Viola

Genre: Crime Fiction

Rating: 5 out of 5

Blurb: A rookie lawyer, crime mogul and junior reporter all converge in London’s underworld of glamour, crime and greed. Set in a city rocked by corruption and tabloid excess, one of them is going to learn that sometimes in life you get more than you bargained for.

Fast-paced satirical crime thriller.

Straight from the land of tea and crumpets and with crunchy, punchy—point, counterpoint stylized English prose Author Saira Viola takes you on a deliciously seedy journey into the world of London’s underbelly.

From its outrageously profane opening this story grabs you by the neck and it doesn’t let go. Peppered with pop-culture references and a gallery of characters you will not soon forget (hey Mimi—call me darling) the story moves along to the beat of a too-cool-for-school soundtrack hence the tittle of the book, and I do concur with the jab at Simon Cowell; that punter destroyed the musical landscape with his shameless promotion of banal pop, and also kudos for the uppercut at certain celebs who became ‘stars’ just by doing a triple xxx feature. There’s also a stab at the Rolling Stones for stealing the blues and making a living at it for almost a century.

This is cool and dangerous Britannia, buddy, strap-on for a hell of a ride as this book has all the hallmarks of a great read: Grit, wit and style to burn.

So, what you waiting for lad? Grab a cuppa and go read Jukebox.

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I’m not a book reviewer nor am I hoping to become one.I’m only reviewing books that I choose to read so don’t ask me to review your book I DON’T DO THAT, sorry.

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