Happy Endings


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Nope, nope, get your mind out of the gutter this ain’t about that.

It’s about fear. My fear at not ending on a high note when writing—specifically now that I’ve approached the closing chapter of my new piece. An author (sorry can’t remember who said this, and I’m paraphrasing here once again folks, I’m known to do that every now and then) He said: ‘The last words of your book should be able to sell folks onto the next one’—or something like that. Here lays the pressure of having an ending that blows peoples minds.

Having written two different, yet somewhat similar endings I think I should grab pen to paper and try again. This time I’ll make sure to come up with a satisfying ending worthy of the story. Yet something thrilling, and dangerous. Something that leaves a great impression on the reader.

And then comes re-writes number 2, 3, or whenever I feel the story is finito.

So yeah that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend, and probably the next, and so on till it’s done. On another note, I’m kinda sad about saying goodbye to these characters, characters I lived with for a well over a few years now. Characters which have kept me awake at night with their turmoil’s, fears and what have you. Hey—all good things must end, but when they do; make sure to have a happy ending, yep I’m talking about that kind of ending now, I think. I don’t know what I’m talking about—too much coffee and cigarettes.

Later masturbators.

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