Newly minted family man Bobby Herrera got pinched for robbing a bodega. Now he’s looking at twenty years. His new cellmate, Clayton Stanton Jr., is a dark and violent man. A killer with a big secret—a secret that can set Bobby free or get him killed.

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 By col2910 on August 7, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition.
5.0 out of 5 stars Criminally entertaining! 
‘Killing Crows is a 30-odd page long story. Bobby is our main man and he’s serving 20 years for stealing nappies which kind of seems a bit harsh on ol’ Bobby, even when factoring in the baby wipes he lifted.
Herrera has to suppress his heritage and go with the flow when a bigoted killer moves into his cell. Bobby – cautious to a fault – declines the opportunity to fight his new roommate for the privilege of the bottom bunk.
Clayton – an alleged hitman for the Aryan Brotherhood – is soon targeted by some minority inmates and takes a beating. Over the following weeks the pair bond, with Bobby still treading on eggshells over his roots. Maybe we won’t tell Clayton our favourite film is 12 Years a Slave then. Or the true cost of protection in this joint!
When Bobby’s wife refuses to bring his baby daughter to visit him, Herrera has to take some drastic action to remain a presence in her life. Dialogue, action and humour aplenty underscored with a harsh reality – the prominence bigotry and race have in prison.’
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