The Force-Book Review

Fast-paced, hard, and dirty as the New York City concrete. Is it the most original premise? No, but it doesn’t have to be simply because; beat for beat the author holds your attention and doesn’t let go. We’ve seen or heard this story before (reminded me a bit of what happened on Precinct 75th in the late 80’s early 90’s in Brooklyn) Crooked cops, mafia types and drug-peddling outfits converge in Manhattan North, that is: Harlem, Spanish Harlem and the Washington Heights area. All parties involve play their money-hungry power trips among the innocent—and not so innocent populace. A tremendous amount of research went into this book, from police culture, to drug culture, and the neighborhoods in which these events take place.

The protagonist Denny Malone recalls his father. He was a cop on these streets, coming home in the morning after a graveyard shift with murder in his eyes, death in his nose and an icicle in his heart that never melted and eventually killed him.

Greed, violence, race inequality, injustice, retribution and redemption are touched in a book that will undoubtedly become a classic in the crime fiction cannon. While reading ‘Da Force,’ flashes of The Wire, Goodfellas, The Shield and the Godfather came at me (in a good way). Author Don Winslow writes furious fast-paced books with an unparalleled handle on dialog, and characterization that engages the reader like no other author around. He has, easily, become one of my top ten favorite writers of all time. The Force is the third book I’ve read from this author, in this year alone. He’s that good.

5 out of 5

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