Monthly Bullet Points



This one’s going to be somewhat-short and bittersweet (like the women I’m drawn to these days) because as stated on last month’s bullet points; my life ain’t that interesting. I’m just a humble cog in the machine. Read on.

*First off, I need to apologize to anyone who read my free short story Killing Crows, because it’s been brought to my attention that the piece has a bunch of typos, and grammatical errors. I’ve since taken it down from all vendor sites (all except Goodreads, I’m still trying to figure out how to do that on there—they don’t make it easy) Now, it would be easy to place the blame squarely on the editor, but no, this one’s on me since at the end of the day my name’s on the damn thing and I should’ve checked it till my eyes bled. When it comes to getting my work out there, I need to curb my tunnel vision, my enthusiasm. Readers that like my stuff are kind and forgiving; readers who I want to bring into the fold, not so much —lesson learned, maybe.

*I saw one of those great little movies that Hollyweird is deathly afraid of making these days, meaning there’s no bombastic soundtrack drowning out the actors dialogue, absurd explosions or CGI. This one’s about something that they rarely do. It’s was about a story, and its call Manhattan Night, based on a book call Manhattan Nocturne written by Colin Harrison.

Here’s the blurb from IMDB:

‘When a seductive stranger asks tabloid writer Porter Wren to dig into the unsolved murder of her filmmaker husband, he is drawn into a very nasty case of sexual obsession and blackmail – one that threatens his job, his marriage, and his life.’

The cast, direction, cinematography, editing and story are solid. The stunning Yvonne Strahovski is a revelation on this (in more ways than one-wink, wink) however I think her role could have used more meat. If you get a chance, check it out. Of course this doesn’t mean that I don’t like a good actioner filled with explosions and CG up the wazzo. Which reminds me; I also saw The Brother’s Grimsby (beware; if you’ve never seen an elephant doing the dirty; you’re in luck, here you will), that Cohen bastard is one funny fuck, nasty but funny.

*George Zimmerman said he has sold the Kel-Tec PF9 9mm handgun he used to kill unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012 for $250,000. And my faith in humanity sinks lower than it already is. He claims the funds for the sale will go toward several ‘worthy causes’ such as: countering violence against law enforcement officers by the group Black Lives Matter and to fight Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s ‘anti-firearm rhetoric.’ I get it; he’s got to make a living, I mean who would hire this guy? Here’s an idea Georgie; you want to make some scratch? Why not sale your used confederate flag underwear online to lonely old hags? What a douche.

*I dislike politicos as much as I dislike bedbugs. There’s a book out here which cements my dislike, a 65-page manifesto called “The Confessions of Congressman X.” The supposedly veteran politician lays bare a rotten and corrupt Congress enslaved by lobbyists and interested only in re-elections. Here are a few tidbits from Congressman X:

“Like most of my colleagues, I promise my constituents a lot of stuff I can never deliver,” he admits. “But what the hell? It makes them happy hearing it . . . My main job is to keep my job.”

He admits that more time is spent fundraising than reading bills and calls Washington a “sinkhole of leeches.” No shit, really? What tip you off buddy? There’s more…

“We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation. It’s about getting credit now, lookin’ good for the upcoming election,”

“Voters are incredibly ignorant. It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification. . .,”

“We are running a fucking casino” Like what bankers do? Here’s another morsel…

“America’s on an irreversible decline and no one in Washington seems to care . . . God help us.”

Most informed folks out there know this about them already, but I think it’s refreshing to see an insider come out and admit to it (even if he’s saying it anonymously). This however does not change my opinion about politicians in general. I still think they’re a bunch of self-serving sociopaths, a bag of dildos if you will. Perhaps there’s a well-meaning one in the bunch, how can we tell? You still need to go out and vote though.

I told you; short and bittersweet. Thanks for reading my rant.

Credit for the Congressman X tidbits goes to the New York Post.

Monthly Bullet Points


S’up y’all,

Last month, almost immediately after posting the first monthly bullet points—and promising to do so on a monthly basis—I regretted it; because it dawned on me that my life ain’t that interesting. I’m no double O fucking seven; the hell am I gonna write about? But a writer’s gotta write. Fear not dear reader; I will not be quoting Chipotle paper bags –maybe next month 🙂

I’m plunging into a new story. This one’s about a kick ass cop (she has MMA aspirations) and a serial killer. With special appearances by Ronnie ‘Caradura’ Bermudez and his friend Desmond Laffite, both characters from the short story ‘Lizards Lounge’ (to those of you who have read my collection of short stories Black Pills & Red Bullets. These cats will be familiar to you) the piece might be a short novel or novella; I don’t know yet because I don’t do outlines, I like to enjoy the ride, I like to be surprise. So the story will end when it ends. Plus, I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to finish it, since life tends to get in the way of these things. Stay tune though.

A pain in the neck known as tax time in America has come and gone. I don’t understand why the IRS doesn’t make this process a little easier for us mere mortals. The other day I learned that in some parts of the world the government sends their tax payers a text message with a summary of what the person made, what the person paid, what’s owed etc. The tax payer reviews it; all the taxpayer has to do is punch a yes or no key, then press send—and that’s it. Come on IRS get on that bus!

Does it bother you when folks throw around the word genius all wheely neely? It bothers me plenty, because the word loses its impact, its meaning. On Thursday April 21st I woke up late (as per usual) turned on the news while having a hookers breakfast (coffee and cigarette) then, the well coiffed newsman threw a cold bucket of water at me by announcing that tried and true musical genius Prince passed away. It was in chock, I refused to believe it, but it’s true. I’m reminded of an anecdote I read somewhere about the song ‘Kiss” It was written by him in one night; overdubs, vocals—no bass—everything. He was going to give it to a band call Mazarati, but he didn’t. The song ‘Kiss’ became a smash hit. Imagine that; a huge hit from a song that some in the industry would considered a demo. That solo in ‘Purple Rain’ still gives me goosebumps and hits me in the feels. I can’t believe he’s gone. Nothing compares to you Purple One, nothing.

By the time this post tenderly caresses your lovely cherubic eyes; the news about the Panama Papers will be just another blip in the forgotten news cycle. That is; until it happens again—and it will. For a brief overview of the Panama Papers:

On Wednesday April 6, 2016 on his 79th Birthday; one of the last and true country outlaws. The poet of the common man, passed away. The one and only Merle Haggard. I cued up ‘Workin’ Man Blues’ ‘Momma Tried’ ‘Pancho and Lefty’ ‘If We Make It Through December’ ‘Okie from Muskogee’ and ‘Sing me Back Home’ I lifted a glass of Jack Daniels and cheered a man who stuck to his guns, and lived by his own rules.… Cheers old man, cheers.

Boy, do I miss pizza rat. That little rodent going down them stairs like: “This here slice is all mine, get yer own ya bums!” Sure brought some cheer to the city that never sleeps  sweeps  .

What a year huh? Lemmy Kilmister, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard, and Prince. Plus; Soul singer Billy Paul, best known for his hit ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’. Y’know what? Fuck you 2016, so far, you’ve been nothing but a bitch and the half.

Okay, let me chill down a bit yeah? Even though the Philly Phanatic is my favorite mascot…Go Mets! (ya bums).

Thank you for reading my ramble.

Later skater.    Beatrix Kiddo Avatar

Monthly Bullet Points


S’up Playa,

Welcome to what I hope will become a new—end of the month—feature to this site. A feature in which I’ll get to rant, rave and opine about stuff  I been up to over the course of the month (hmm, when I put it that way it doesn’t sound too appetizing) Anyway, if you’re still interested, in this post I will be covering: The Punisher, hood living, favorite reads and the most popular post on this site. Enjoy.


  • Dare Devil season 2 has introduced The Punisher with an interesting variation on his somewhat familiar story. A story line which makes DD come across as a boring superhero. For those who don’t know; The Punisher is equal parts Charles Bronson (circa Death Wish) Rambo First Blood and Jason Bateman minus the sense of humor. I always liked the story of the deeply flawed Straw Dog known as The Punisher. Currently streaming on Netflix.


  • Rent tends to be on the ‘cheap’ side in the hood. But so is life. The other night, after work, I ran into my first CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS yellow ribbon tape; two blocks away from where I live. Great, and it’s not even summertime.


  • One of the most popular post/articles on this site (In the True Crime section) was also one of the most difficult to write. The story of the Bath Avenue Crew. I say it was difficult because the research for it was labyrinthine at best. It took a while to put it together in a somewhat coherent fashion, because there were a lot of contradictory accounts on the web about what went down. The story is so juicy though, that I even mentioned it in a short story I wrote recently (Killing Crows—which you can read right now by clicking on the book cover by the side bar of this site) I’m still puzzled as to why it’s so popular? Good SEO? don’t know but, It is indeed a pleasant surprise. Small victories.


  • It goes without saying that I have a long-ass commute these days, but it gets me reading. So I had the pleasure of polishing off a couple of hardboiled and visceral pulpy crime fiction novels: Money Shot by Christa Faust and Dog eat Dog by Mr. Blue himself: Edward Bunker (RIP) Keep an eye out for my take on these two books.


That’s it for now. ‘Till next time playa.