Book Review.

BlackHollywood private dick Artemus Black is one hip cat (or so he likes to think). What keeps him grounded is Roxie; his fabulous office assistant who makes up for much of the cool banter peppered throughout the book. The guy has problems. From an out-of-this-era wardrobe, to an ex who took the money he made as a one-time musician, to an overweight tabby who hates his guts. Add to this, filthy rich hippy parents (while he struggles to make end meet), and you’ve got yourself an antsy guy.

An ageing movie star with a hot young wife hires Black in the heels of his movie comeback, paparazzo jump into blood infected waters, pretty soon said paparazzo begin to drop like flies around his new client.

What P. I Black thought was going to be an easy gig turns ugly fast.

Is there any genre out there which Russel Blake doesn’t write? I’ve read a few of the Jet books and those are pretty stellar, picked this one up as an Amazon freebie. I was pleasantly surprise. I didn’t know he wrote detective mysteries.

Fantastic writing (if a tad too descriptive for my taste) cool characters, hip banter, and a dark plot. What’s not to like?

5 out of 5

I’m not a book reviewer, so don’t ask me to review your book-sorry, I don’t do that.

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