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Every once in a blood-filled moon, when someone has a shitty day, they—selfishly—decide to open The Necronomicon, when this happens; comedians become serious and politicians become lousy jokers, sweet and lovable Grandma’s bake babies instead of apple pies. In a topsy-turvy land such as this; all sense of decency is lost and humanity goes down the crapper. Pus oozes from long festering wounds which require spiritual attention. Is it too late? Or is it too soon to declare this black hole, this black night of humanity an irreversible tragedy? Time tick-ticks away as it moves unbroken, in a straight line into an uncertain future. Do not despair, I tell myself over and over again. Do you ever fool yourself into thinking that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel? I only pray to the Gods of the MTA that that light is not a long-delayed C train, or a freight train, sans breaks, coming out of Poughkeepsie.

Though a sharp dresser; “The emperor is naked,” screamed the child.

The existential angst of the 21st Century: is my spouse cheating on me with the help of an app? Will the coward-piece-of-shit mass shooter set it off today? Tonight? When? A collective nervous breakdown went through the psyche of the human species; an invisible wave of pure evil, suddenly we seem to be losing our sense of humanity. Greed is becoming God and delusional hubris came along with the help of social media which seems to be plunging us into a stupor of self-importance, ignorance, insensitivity, arrogance and narcissism. These maladies rule our lives without signs of abating. The Grandiose Farts of the Land rule without regard of what’s in front of them, because God- forbid our bellicose ‘leaders’ get in touch with their humanity and lend a hand to the needy, do they think that perhaps doing so will lead them down the road to poverty? Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder; are they even human? As the crow flies to parts unknown I wonder if he wonders:

Can a Nation lose its soul? Does it have one?