Criminal Tune Time

Many Men(Wish Death) This song refers to the shooting incident in 2000, in which 50 Cent was shot 9 times outside of his grandmother’s house, presumably by Darryl “Hommo” Baum. This according to

Keep an ear out for the line: ‘Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain’t fucking breathing’ and feel the shivers down your spine. Powerful stuff.

Many Men (Wish Death) By Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson.

Track Produce by: Darrell ‘Digga’ Branch, Eminem & Luis Resto.

The Art Of Sabotage


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*Warning: some form of vitriol ahead*


A year ago I published a collection of short stories titled Shell Casings. Being a DIY, self-published, indie guy this is a lot of work but I love doing it. Getting people to read the stuff though is akin to wrestling a T-bone steak from a hammerhead shark. Folks are busy these days, they have a lot of entertainment, yada, yada. Fair enough. However, after a year of peddling the book on social media and taking advantage of Amazon free days; three kind readers, beautiful souls that they are, wrote five star reviews on Amazon (Okay one was a four star review) The two readers that left five star reviews really- really liked the stories, their reviews were glowing and eloquent, beautiful even. They got the gist of the book.

Then without rhyme or reason—or an explanation, Amazon took down the reviews (for some bizarre reason they only left the four stars review on their site. Fine by me, a review is a review.)

But, I wanted those reviews back, because as we all know; reviews are the life blood of a book these days, so I contacted them about it, telling them how counterproductive this is, and that they are basically sabotaging my efforts. This is their robo-answer to me.

Message From Customer Service

Hello Verge Le Noir,

Thanks for contacting This is Deleon from Communities.

I understand your concern about the missing reviews. We’re unable to give you specific information about why reviews are no longer visible.

We remove Customer Reviews that violate our guidelines, or a customer can decide to remove their own review. To protect the privacy of our customers, we don’t share information about specific reviews with anyone other than the customer who posted it.

We know reviews are important to both customers and authors. If a customer contacts you about their missing review, please ask them to write to We can help the customer understand exactly why their review was removed, and provide suggestions on how to share feedback for your book while staying within our guidelines.

I hope this helps.

I hope I was able to assist you today. Best regards, Deleon A

They even suggest that the costumers themselves deleted the reviews. Now why would someone go out of their way to leave a review and then take it down?  And as far as I know they were no ‘costumer review guidelines violations’ so…? It’s not my intention to come across as a whiny little bitch, it’s not in my nature, I can take the bruising, the cuts. I can take it all, but I’m just so fucking angry and depressed about it.

So yeah thanks Amazon, with friends like you who needs enemas. Oh and Amazon?

Eat a dick, can I get an amen?

Happy Endings


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Nope, nope, get your mind out of the gutter this ain’t about that.

It’s about fear. My fear at not ending on a high note when writing—specifically now that I’ve approached the closing chapter of my new piece. An author (sorry can’t remember who said this, and I’m paraphrasing here once again folks, I’m known to do that every now and then) He said: ‘The last words of your book should be able to sell folks onto the next one’—or something like that. Here lays the pressure of having an ending that blows peoples minds.

Having written two different, yet somewhat similar endings I think I should grab pen to paper and try again. This time I’ll make sure to come up with a satisfying ending worthy of the story. Yet something thrilling, and dangerous. Something that leaves a great impression on the reader.

And then comes re-writes number 2, 3, or whenever I feel the story is finito.

So yeah that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend, and probably the next, and so on till it’s done. On another note, I’m kinda sad about saying goodbye to these characters, characters I lived with for a well over a few years now. Characters which have kept me awake at night with their turmoil’s, fears and what have you. Hey—all good things must end, but when they do; make sure to have a happy ending, yep I’m talking about that kind of ending now, I think. I don’t know what I’m talking about—too much coffee and cigarettes.

Later masturbators.